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Erotica versus Porn
April 3, 2011, 4:08 am
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  • The distinction between porn and erotica is largely subjective and reflects changing community standards.
  • Same words and intent to arouse sexually.
  • Both are about sexual desire, anticipation and arousal.
  • Porn is about stimulating our erogenous zones.
  • What drives the language in erotica is its passion and intoxication. The erotic gaze of the beloved. The erotic obsession.
  • Erotica engages our imagination and sexual fantasy to tease, provoke, and seduce the reader by shamelessly opening up to secret desires that are described in exquisite detail and fulfillment.
  • Porn lacks magic and imagination.
  • Erotica connects; porn disconnects.
  • Porn is about instant gratification and can often be derogatory to women.
  • Erotica celebrates sexual union.
  • The erotic is a mutual relationship, whereas porn is object oriented. The other seen as object.
  • There is no love in porn, no infatuation.

How Can Couples Rejuvenate Their Sex Lives?
March 26, 2011, 11:42 pm
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The biggest barrier between most couples and great sex is stress and a lack of time. How can couples keep the magic of love and romance in their relationship? 

  • Indulge in a naughty treat
  • Let go of inhibitions and bring your fantasies to life
  • Make a date for sex 

Naughty Treat

Ask your lover what he/she would like you to do, and then do it! Make eye contact, listen to your partner, let it flow, and don’t judge.

Surprise your lover. Break your routine and try something new. Make dinner naked. Wear sexy lingerie. Share fantasies. Read an erotic novel together, such as A Country Girl

Let Go Of Inhibitions

Be open to your partner. Relax, trust your partner. Know what your lover likes. Be present. Leave the baggage at the door. Forget your board meeting and past lovers.

Let yourself go and have fun. Keep an open mind to role playing, sex toys, lingerie, and massage. Make the first move for sex. You’ll surprise your partner and gain self-confidence. 

Make A Date For Sex

Set aside the time for a date with your partner. Don’t let your love life become routine. Don’t leave it to chance. This is especially important if you have kids. Make an effort to keep your sex life exciting!

If you don’t make your partner a priority, you could become a divorce statistic, or have an unfulfilling marriage.


March 25, 2011, 1:30 am
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A Country Girl is the story of ANGELA, a country girl, and her sexual awakening—from her first teenage love affair to the casual encounters of later years that threatened her innocence. It is about Angela, a woman with a vibrant sexuality and passionate joy for living. But it is about all women and their search for sexual identity. It is happy and tragic, beautiful and deeply romantic, and frankly erotic. All women and their men will find within it a portion of their own lives and fantasies.
      Angela’s first affair was full of romance, magic and mystery as she surrendered her virginity on a moonlit night in a fragrant hayfield. Not all the encounters that followed were: the James Dean look-alike who fulfilled her teenage fantasies, the college boys who shared her lust, the women who showed her a new understanding, her husband who introduced her to swinging, the strangers who turned her on to their own fantasies, and her midnight caller who seduced and enchanted her mind. But through it all Angela remains as always—joyous, open, honest, and somehow innocent.